Someday my mirror will be clean.

No more smudges from little fingers... and little tongues.

No more crayons in the couch cracks or stale crackers in the car seat.

No more parent teacher conferences or sub-par crafts stuck to the fridge.

No sweaty uniforms in the laundry, or toothpaste splatters all over the sink.

But let’s choose not to dread it.

I know everyone says time is a thief.

Soon your new baby will be calling you mommy and the toddler will be reading books. 

That kindergartener will learn to drive, and your teenager will someday have a baby of their own. It’s sometimes sad to think about.

But I believe time is a GIVER.

Because someday soon that baby will be calling you mommy, and it will be the sweetest sound.

Soon the toddler will be reading that book, and it will melt your heart.

Watching your kids grow up into the people God made them to be will will fill your heart with gratitude that you get to be their mama.

I think it’s so important to soak up every new season of life, and not dread them.

Soon it will be different, not worse.

Just different,

and it’s all worth remembering.